Arkansas Therapeutic Recreation Society

ATRS 2014 Calendar


18                              Board of Directors Retreat and Board Meeting at Arkansas Tech University

22                              ATRS/ARPA Spring Conference Registration available


February -  National Therapeutic Recreation Month

1                               Call for papers sent out

14                             Newsletter articles due 

21                             Nomination for Board Members due

                                 Nomimations for Facility and Professional of the Year due

                                 Applications for Student Scholarships due

24                             Executive Board Meeting - conference call 1:00pm



1                               Newsletter published on ATRS website                

9-12                          ATRA Mid-Year Conference - Rockville, MD


12-14                        ARPA/ATRS Spring Conference - Fort Smith, AR

12                             ATRS 20 year celebration in Fort Smith, AR

13                             ATRS General Membership Meeting at conference lunch



14-16                        Midwest Symposium - St Charles, IL


18                             Executive Board Meeting - conference call 1:00pm



2                               Therapeutic Recreation Arts Festival - Little Rock, AR 10:00 am - 1:00 pm


16                              newsletter articles due



1                                newsletter published



14                              Executive Board Meeting - conference call 1:00pm



2                                Board of Directors Mid-year Retreat  (place TBA)

4                                Call for requests for Board of Directors nominations

18                              request for board member nominations due

22                              newsletter articles due


1                               newletter published (including BOD nominations)

1                               Board of Directors ballots mailed out by Pres-Elect

                                 Call for Paper for Fall Workshop

13-16                         ATRA Annual Conference, Oklahoma City, OK


15                              Board of Directors ballots due back

26                              BOD Election Ballots due



6                                 Executive Board Meeting - conference call 1:00pm

14-16                          NRPA Congress and Expo, Charlotte, NC



7                                ATRS Fall Workshop, Saline Memorial Hospital, Benton, AR

24                              newsletter articles due


1                                newsletter published

5-6                             ATRS Board of Directors Retreat (place TBA)